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We all need to stay current with chiropractic science and technology. The problem is finding time. Every day thousands of new papers flood the National Library of Medicine database. (Over 700,000 yearly... The vast majority of which have little or no relevance to your daily practice.) Now add trade journals, alternative health care journals not in the NLM, general news sources, etc. No wonder you can’t keep up.


There's a better way...Science In


Our team of experienced doctors scans the literature base for you. We locate articles of genuine interest and relevance value to busy chiropractors. We find the science that matters, distill it into "plain English", easy to read reviews, and deliver it to your In-Box. Average reading time for one of our reviews...just a minute or two. And the cost? FREE!!!

We save you hours of reading time every month. More importantly, we'll help keep you on the cutting edge of chiropractic science. Interested? TRY US.


Implications of Spinopelvic Alignment
Saturday, 20 December 2014
The Study: Implications of spinopelvic alignment for the spine surgeon. The Facts: Proper alignment of the spine and pelvis is necessary to have an...
Clinical Trial Data...A Second Look
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
The Study: Reanalyses of Randomized Clinical Trial Data. The Facts: The authors indicate that if you reanalyze the data from a randomized clinical trial...
  The Facts: The authors sought to determine if a course of chiropractic care would change the blood pressure in a group of African American patients. As...

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